Kids Bikes No Pedals

There are so many kinds of kids bikes no pedals on the market today, so learning how to choose a right kids bike no pedals is very important.

Don’t worry, it won’t be a headache thing to choose the right one, for we have made a list of all the most recommended and popular kids bikes no pedals for you to choose from. And below is the list.

I beg that you must want to have one, right? Then, our page is exactly here for you. You can find the best kids bikes no pedals here.

Kids Bikes No Pedals Reviews

Strider No Pedal Balance Bike - Blue
Strider Sports

Get you little one right into the world of cycling with the Strider No Pedal Balance Bike – Blue. This durable steel bike is sturdy, safe, and solid – and it’s great fun! About Strider Sports A love of bicycling and motorcycling is what binds Strider Sports’ core management together.

Product Ratings
  • “I highly recommend a balance bike!” – Jackaboo
  • “Our 3 year old loves his bike.” – GeauxTigers
  • “Easy to assemble, light but very sturdy.” – G. Gephart

Strider ST-3 Cobra Toddler Pre-Bikes - One Size

Champions Start Here. If your child can walk, your child can become a Cobra MOTO Champion. The Cobra MOTO Licensed Strider will get your 18 mo-5 year old child cruising through the neighborhood and riding over terrain with ease.

Consumer Reviews
  • “She just turned 2 and within minutes she was confidently walking around and trying to sit and push… Im excited for warm weather so she can really ride outside!” – jm11
  • “My 2 year old loves his Strider bike!” – MommyofBoys
  • “It is great for a child to learn to balance before they ride a 2 wheel pedal bike.” – Barbara Savidge

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike (Red)
Diggin Active

Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike (Red)

Consumer Reports
  • “This is a fun bike, and a great way to teach a kid to balance on a bike before you try to get them to learn to use pedals at the same time.” – Paul Pehrson
  • “He loves to ride it through the house and also asks every night to go for a walk (so that he can ride his Skuut).” – JManMom
  • “So far this product seems to be made very well.” – Darlene Ruiz

Kazam Balance Bike (Blue)

The KaZAM balance bike is uniquely designed with a foot rest for feet placement and proper balance; and maintaining center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle.

  • “She can now balance very well and with just a few pushes with her feet, she is off and coasting.” – mkat
  • “With this bike my kids learned to ride a bike without training wheels by themselves.” – Sonnenblume
  • “It’s a great bike – well built, easy to assemble and very light.” – LisaThan

Plasma Bike Red

PlaSmart PlasmaBike. A fun ride that develops balance, coordination and motor skills No batteries, gears or pedals..

Consumer Reports
  • “This is like a balance bike to get kids ready for a real balance bike.” – Just a guy
  • “He rides this daily.” – A. Looby
  • “This is a great starter bike for young children.” – Sue

ZÜM-CX Balance Bike

If you can walk you can ride.

The ZUM-CX balance bike is two bikes in one.

Balance Bikes by ZUM have no pedals and no training wheels.

Customer Reviews
  • “Very well made!” – C. Lewis
  • “Easy to put together.” – Sylvester J.
  • “We bought this for my son’s 2 birthday and he is in love with his bike!” – V. Law

Blue Mini Glider
Glide Bikes

The Mini Glider from Glide Bikes allows children to gain confidence, improve motor skills, increase coordination, and learn balance at their own pace all while having fun! Balance Bikes do not have training wheels and pedals to get in the way, so children learn the important first step in riding a bike- BALANCE! ● Designed in the U.

Kids Bikes No Pedals Reviews
  • “On level ground, once balance is mastered, it is hard to get any speed to coast for very long without using your feet to push again.” – sportykids2
  • “Also the parents had seen these and thought they were the best way for a child to learn balance and eventually be able to ride a bike without training wheels.” – Linda
  • “The bike is very well made, sturdy and easy to put together.” – Kim

Strider ST-4 (TM) Toddler Pre-Bikes - Pink / One Size

If your toddler can walk, a Strider balance bike will get your toddler cruising over dirt, grass, and pavement with ease. Designed to be steady, stable, and safe, the Strider ST-4 bike is perfect for children from 18 months to 5 years old.

ZÜM-SX Metal Balance Bike (Pink & White)

If you can walk you can ride.

Balance Bikes by ZUM have no pedals and no training wheels. The ZUM Bike uses a foot to floor motion as a means of propulsion.

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